Monday, January 26, 2009

Sweet Little C

Baby C is 3 months old! He is gorgeous isn't he? He's also just as sweet! And good grief! Who can resist all this adorable chubbiness! (is that a word? lol) Dad and Mom are awesome and adore their sweet boy. Thanks, guys, for letting me come and play, we got some fun shots!

Here is a preview, your gallery will be up soon!



Saturday, January 17, 2009

And The WINNERS Are.....

I loved watching the polls!!
Thanks everyone for playing along!

The winner for FIRST PLACE and a mounted 11x14 of their winning image is...
image #7!!! with 41% off the votes!

The RUNNER UP and the winner of a mounted 8x10 is...
image # 9!!! with 21% off the votes!

I will be in touch about your winning images!!

VOTERS, if you contacted me for a session during the contest you have until the end of this weekend to finalize your dates and get those retainers in to take advantage of the special! Thanks for contacting me!!

A BIG thank you to all my clients for 2008! It means a lot to myself and my family!! I enjoyed all of your sessions! I loved meeting new clients and loved seeing my previous clients grow! (that's my favorite part!)


Friday, January 16, 2009


Hello all!

Here is your latest and LAST contest update!

Image 7 is now in the lead with 38% of the votes!

Image 9 is now second with 24% of the votes!

Image 2 is in 3rd and Image 3 & 6 are close behind!

Keep voting!!!!! Scroll down to vote!!

Voters don't forget about your part in the contest! If you book a date now while the contest is going on you will get 10% off your session and 10% off your print order! Only two days left of the contest!

*does not apply to sessions previously booked

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Girl

She's here! I did mom's maternity and her sweet baby girl is here! 4 weeks early too! She was ready to meet the world! We are thinking she was ready to get out and stretch because she doesn't like to curl like a newborn usually does, she likes her little legs and feet stretched out!
I can already tell she's super smart! She knows exactly what she wants!
Her mama is so sweet and you can tell how much she loves her sweet baby! K, I enjoyed meeting your mom, too, she was really nice!!

Here is a preview...your gallery will be up soon...








Friday, January 9, 2009

1st Session

This is my first session of the year, 2009! This is a really great & close family! They wanted some good all around shots of the "kids" and some family shots before one of the boys went back to the Navy. (thank you for helping to defend our country, by the way!!!!) They also included their son in law in the pictures which I thought was super cool! We had super nice weather for the session, too. Not cold, not rainy and not too hot for Fl!
Thanks guys for getting your exercise with me, lol!!
Here is a little peek at your session, don't worry you'll see the rest soon in your gallery!! :)

Don't forget about the contest going on BELOW, go vote if you haven't already!







Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 Fave Image Contest

Happy New Year! My vacation is over so let's have a contest!

I have gone through and picked some of my all time favorite images from 2008! I need you to help me decide on ONE lucky winner and ONE runner up!

It was EXTREMELY difficult to pick my favorites for this contest!! You have no idea! So as not to overwhelm with too many to choose from, I have only included some of my maternity & child sessions, since I am primarily a child photographer. On top of that, I saw many of you 2-4 times this year for repeat sessions (yay!!!) SO, that made it harder since I tried to only include one favorite per family from one of their sessions. Even though I had several fave's from each session, to be fair, I had to pick one, ugh! I wanted to narrow it down all the way to just 10 final fave images, but ended up with 11, lol.

So, here they are! Where do you come in? VOTE! VOTE your favorite image, VOTE only ONCE! (no repeat voting, I will be watching IP's, plus it's more fun and just right to win fair and square!)

What happens to the winners images?

1st Place: an 11x14 of their winning image mounted and textured!
( a 62 value!)

Runner Up: an 8x10 of their winning image mounted and textured!
( a $40 value)

* no image substitutions

So..what are you waiting for??? VOTE! Let your friends and family know to come and vote too! Just happened by the blog? VOTE! :)
VOTERS: Anyone voting can email me here: and book a session for 10% off the session fee and 10% off your print order while this contest is taking place! Just email me that you're interested and we can get a date down for you for this year! (can be anytime this year, don't miss out on this special!)
* does not apply to sessions previously booked

The contest will end on 1-17-09 at 10pm!

Check back for updates on who is in the lead!
Here they are in random order...

Vote BELOW..........

Photobucket Image 1~ Connection
Image 2~ Love

PhotobucketImage 3~ Stream

Photobucket Image 4~ Adore

Photobucket Image 5 ~ One!

Photobucket Image 6~ Urban

Photobucket Image 7~Explore

Photobucket Image 8~ Skate

Photobucket Image 9~ Tutu


Photobucket Image 11~ Waiting